New Projects in 2019

Projects in place for the 2019 field season include:


  • Production management strategies to improve field pea root health in aphanomyces contaminated soils
  • Enhanced fertilizer management for optimizing yield and protein in field pea
  • Re-cropping faba bean after wheat herbicides
  • Integration of faba bean seed rate and pre/post herbicides
  • Timing of pre/post treatments for weed control in faba bean
  • Tolerance and weed control efficacy of faba bean to pre/post combination


  • Pre-harvest herbicide and desiccation options for straight-combining canola: effects on plant and seed dry-down, yield, and seed quality

Spring Cereals:

  • CWRS wheat varietal response to Manipulator
  • Input study: intensive wheat management
  • Can farmer-save seed of wheat perform as well as certified seed?
  • Improved integrated disease management for Oats in Saskatchewan
  • Oat varietal response to seeding rate and nitrogen product and rate to reduce lodging and hasten maturity
  • Maintaining acceptable test weights for milling oats
  • Malt vs. feed barley managment

Winter Cereals:

  • Winter wheat response to nitrogen placement and timing options
  • The essentials: phosphorus application in fall rye

Mixed Crop:

  • Oat/Pea intercrop demonstration
  • Crop Sequencing of large acreage crops and special crops
  • FHB risk modelling project

Field Scale:

  • An on-farm approach to evaluate the interaction of management practices and environment on FHB development in wheat

Forage Legumes:

  • Red and Alsike Clover in rotation with wheat
  • Forage Legume varieties for seed and biomass yield
  • Winter annual weed control in red clover
  • Red Clover seeding rates

Forage Grasses:

  • Forage grass varieties for seed and biomass yield

With more to come!

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