New Projects in 2021

Projects in place for the 2021 field season include:


  • Dry bean response to nitrogen fertilizer rate in dryland, solid-seeded production
  • Production Management Strategies to improve Field Pea Root Health in Aphanomyces contaminated soils
  • Increasing the Adoption of new green and yellow pea varieties
  • Novelty phosphorus products in Field peas and Faba beans
  • Faba bean agronomy to enhance yield, hasten maturity, and reduce disease


  • Canola seed safety and yield response to novel phosphorus sources in SK soils
  • Sclerotinia risk assessment tools for Spray Decision Support in Canola
  • Flax response to non-traditional nitrogen fertilizer management strategies
  • Hemp seeding date demonstration for grain production
  • Camelina: A new crop options for NE Saskatchewan


  • Top-dressing nitrogen fertilizer on frozen or snow covered soils in SK
  • Crop rotation benefits of annual forages preceding spring cereals
  • Can farmer-saved seed of wheat perform as well as certified seed?
  • Increasing Wheat protein with Post-emergent applications of UAN vs. Dissolved Urea
  • Oat varietal response to seed date
  • Inter-row spraying and wicking of non-selective herbicides to control wild oats in oats
  • Oat varietal response to Plant Growth Regulators
  • Are oats responding to higher levels of Macronutients?
  • Oat varietal response to harvest date to evaluate shattering losses
  • Barley Nitrogen Management
  • Malt Barley Agronomy
  • Contrasting fungicide applications and genetic FHB resistance for enhanced yield and quality of barley
  • Controlling flax volunteers in Canary seed
  • Development of Decision support tools for Fusarium Head Blight in Western Canada

Forages and Multi-crop:

  • Tolerance of Red and Alsike Clover to spring applied Authority, Authority Supreme and Valtera
  • Seeding Liberty Link Canola with Perennial Ryegrass
  • Demonstration of intercropping perennial ryegrass with oat using different seed placements and seeding rates
  • Pre-seed and in-crop minor use in Hybrid Brome, Perennial Ryegrass, Slender Wheatgrass and Tall Fescue
  • Alternative cover crop options for establishing forage legumes for seed production
  • Demonstrate and compare the effect of different cover crops seeded with sunflowers on sunflower grain yield and cover crop biomass
  • Regenerative Ag Cover cropping demonstration

All reports will be posted as soon as they are available.

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