New Projects in 2020

Projects in place for the 2020 field season include:


  • Dry bean response to nitrogen fertilizer rate in dryland, solid-seeded production
  • Enhanced fertilizer management for optimizing yield and protein in field pea


  • Revisiting N Fertilizer Recommendations for SK: Are we measuring the right soil N pool?
  • Demonstrating phosphorus fertilizer rates and placement for increased canola production crop safety and building soil phosphorus levels
  • Camelina: A new crop options for NE Saskatchewan (post-poned to 2021)


  • Are we accessing the right soil N pool for fertilizer recommendations in wheat?
  • Can farmer-saved seed of wheat perform as well as certified seed?
  • Increasing Wheat protein with Post-emergent applications of UAN vs. Dissolved Urea
  • Improved integrated disease management for oats in Saskatchewan
  • Barley Nitrogen Rates
  • Malt Barley Agronomy
  • Contrasting fungicide applications and genetic FHB resistance for enhanced yield and quality of barley
  • Managing Canaryseed through agronomy
  • FHB in multiple cereals

Mixed Crop:

  • Oat/Pea intercrop demonstration
  • Alternative cover crop options for establishing forage legumes for seed production
  • Crop rotation benefits of annual forages preceeding spring cereals

Field Scale:

  • An on-farm approach to evaluate the interaction of management practices and environment on FHB development in wheat

Forage Legumes:

  • Tolerance of Established Red Clover to Valterra and Authority
  • Forage Legume varieties for biomass yield
  • Tolerance of Established Alsike Clover to Valterra and Authority

Forage Grasses:

  • Forage grass varieties for biomass yield
  • Seeding Perennial Ryegrass with LibertyLink Canola
  • Tolerance and Efficacy of Engenia+MCPA in Timothy for Night flowering Catchfly control

All reports will be posted as soon as they are available.

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