NARF Annual Field Day 2023

The Join Annual field day between NARF and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will take place on July 26th, 2023 at the Melfort Research Farm. Presentations will be given on the following topics:

  • Greenhouse gas project- Reynald Lemke, AAFC
  • Deep Banding of phosphorus in no-till cropping systems- Maryse Bourgault, U of S
  • Canola seeding dates, rates, and foliar applied N fixing Bacteria- Dale Leftwich, SaskCanola
  • Wheat Seeding Rates- Kayla Slind, WARC
  • Nitrogen Rates in Oats- Jessica Slowski, SaskOats
  • Biologicals in peas & new and novel pulse crops- Meagan Reed, SaskPulse
  • Hemp seeding dates for grain production- Dale Risula, SaskAg
  • Blackleg in Canola- Gary Peng, AAFC
  • Cropping systems for optimizing productivity- Kui Liu, AAFC
  • Flood tolerance Alfalfa- Bill Houston, AAFC

Dr. Kui Liu presenting on pea-oat, canola-oat, and pea-canola as intercropping options for Northeast Saskatchewan
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