New Projects in 2023

Projects in place for the 2023 field season include:


  • Demonstration of Biological Enhancements in Peas
  • Faba bean agronomy to enhance yield, hasten maturity, and reduce disease
  • When does it pay to apply fungicide in Faba beans in Saskatchewan and what does the weather have to do with it?
  • Expanding rotational options using New and Novel Pulse crops
  • Intercropping faba beans with oats at various nitrogen fertilizer rates as a cultural disease control method for management of chocolate spot in faba beans


  • Demonstrating benefits of seeding date and rate on canola yield and quality
  • Demonstrating the efficacy of foliar applied nitrogen fixing bacteria for canola


  • Contrasting fungicide applications and genetic FHB resistance for enhanced yield and quality of barley
  • Do Barley varieties differ in their response to nitrogen fertility, plant growth regulators and fungicide?
  • Oat nitrogen response
  • 4R management: Right rate and placement for fertilizer in oats
  • Demonstrating oat seeding rates as a cultural control method for controlling wild oats in oats
  • Demonstrating the efficacy of foliar applied nitrogen fixing bacteria for wheat
  • Do we need deep banding of phosphorus in no-till systems in the Canadian prairies
  • Evaluation of seeding rate of Wheat under various environmental conditions
  • Wheat varietal response to plant growth regulators
  • Efficacy of fungicide active ingredients for fusarium head blight and DON management in Durum Wheat
  • Canary seed varietal response to agronomic inputs

Forages and Specialty Crops:

  • Finding the right cereal crop partner with forage pea varieties of different maturity
  • Tolerance of established Tall Fescue to Cirpreme, Prominex and Infinity FX
  • Demonstrating 4R nutrient stewardship in Hybrid Bromegrass grown for seed production: applying the right Nitrogen source at the right timing
  • Tolerance and efficacy of Engenia & MCPA 500 Amine herbicides on Timothy for control of Night flowering catchfly
  • Demonstrating intercropping of Perennial Ryegrass with oat using difference seed placements and seeding rates
  • Tolerance of Established Red and Alsike clover to late fall applied and early spring applied herbicides
  • Hemp seeding date for grain production

All reports will be posted as soon as they are available.

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